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It's Been Said...

Learning about underwater fine art photography and multimedia art has brought inspiration and light to collectors and fans everywhere.

fine art underwater photos

Corey Williams

If you’re looking to do any kind of underwater photography, this might well be just the website you’ve been looking for.

Sarah Van Ort

The instructor explained about underwater photography and it so intrigued me that I decided to take the plunge. Literally!


Deena Hathaway

Contributing Underwater Photographers

Charlie Odom

I consider myself proud and honored to be one of the contributing underwater photographers participating in a roving photo exhibit around the world.

Tristan Waterman

We’ve all heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”, but nothing compares to photos which reveal them mysteries of the underwater world.

Joey Cinzano

I love teaching underwater photographers how to get better underwater photos and protect the environment while you’re at it.

Jakob Owens

Jakob Owens

Jakob Ownes shares his personal insight and steps on how to start living your dreams while creating a profitable business doing what you love most!

Think BIG

If you’re the adventurous type then a guided expedition with Amos Nachoum may be the perfect get-away for you. Don’t just imagine swimming alongside blue whales, white sharks, orca, or sailfish…DO IT.

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Vintage Underwater Photography by Bruce Mozert

Bruce Mozert, a young, ambitious, inventive photographer who got his start in New York City before going south to Florida where he built his first underwater camera housing in 1938 to photograph the Tarzan movies that were being filmed in Silver Springs. Mozert’s exceptional photos were published by MGM Studios as well as several wire services and magazines throughout the world. Mozert developed his style and reputation as a professional photographer by composing whimsical, unlikely situations underwater with young, attractive…

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UK Based Commercial Underwater Photographer Zena Holloway

Often times when underwater photography is mentioned the first images that come to mind are of exotic fish, divers, sharks, ship wrecks and the like. Think again. You can expect the unexpected from UK based photographer Zena Holloway who produces exceptional commercial underwater photography for corporate clients. Captivating images of mermaids, athletes, mythical characters, people in business attire, flowing garments and locks of hair frozen in time for eternity. Zena does offer select images for sale from the website,…

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Exceptional Underwater Photography by David Doubilet

Some of the most striking underwater photos I’ve ever seen have been taken by David Doubilet who has taken on extensive assignment work from National Geographic. To be different, David titles his website as ‘Undersea Images’, where you’ll discover beauty that can only be captured by someone who is comfortable enough out of their element to swim as a fish with the fish. Striking composition, playful, beautiful subject matter, unusual perspectives, uncommon times of day, David works extra hard to…

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Underwater Photographers

This site is serves the dual purpose of providing online marketing and related website services for the most talented underwater photographers as well as a being a resource for those who are searching for professional underwater photographers.

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Image Market Inc. provides complete digital marketing services

Image Market Inc. also provides website services that showcase underwater photographers’ portfolios, sporting full-page designs that will captivate your fans.